High Quality Training

FusionEd schools partner with technical colleges, trade schools, or similar institutions that provide certificate programs.

Academics and Skills Together

Students graduate with a high school diploma and a completed industry-based technical certificate.

Motivation Through Purpose

Dual progress toward diploma and good-paying work is intrinsically motivating to many high school students, increasing attendance and timely completion.

Our Economy Needs the FusionEd Model

“Over the next decade nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs likely need to be filled. The skills gap is expected to result in 2 million of those jobs going unfilled.”

The Skills Gap in US Manufacturing

Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, 2015

“U.S. [will] be short 193,000 nursing professionals by 2020—and that’s just one subset of health care workers.”

Nursing Supply and Demand Through 2020

Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, 2015

“There will be an estimated 1 million more computing jobs than applicants who can fill them by 2020.”

Businesses Can’t Find Tech Workers

USA Today, March 28, 2017

“Most of these occupations do not necessarily require four-year college degrees, but do require specialized training and some sort of credential. These ‘middle skill’ jobs are in high and growing demand…but face serious challenges.”

“Mind the Gap: The State of Skills Education in the U.S.,”
Third Way, 2017

Excellence and Integrity: Our Top Commitments

We promise that our schools will consistently perform in the top quintile of comparable schools.

We integrate academic and workforce coursework to expose students to more options and accelerate their advancement.

We employ proven practices of experience design, from student induction, to peer bonding, to career advisement, to progress motivation, to personal ownership of choice and action. These practices consistently produce ~20% improvements in attendance and timely course completion.

Our administrators and staff set high expectations for themselves and their students, and we provide a culture of capacity-building and accountability for all students and adults who join our schools.

Our school management leadership has a nearly 20-year track record of accurate and timely financial reporting on its charter schools, managing portfolios of more than 70 schools.

We operate with a fully developed and detailed handbook of policies and procedures with controls specific to the education industry, ensuring that the assets of the organization and schools are protected and that government rules and regulations are adhered to and timely reported.

We employ licensed CPAs specializing in education and application of generally accepted accounting principles and audit rules and procedures.

We commit to clean audit opinions every year, submitting selected auditors for board approval annually prior to the start of the fiscal year.

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