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Streamline Your K-12 School Operations with FusionEd Solutions: Expert Support for EMIS, Compliance, and Federal Programs Management

At FusionEd Solutions, our team of experts have over 30+ years of experience running and supporting K-12 schools in Ohio. We know how hard it is to run strong schools while also managing all of the ever-changing compliance, reporting, and funding requirements – because we do it, too! By providing services in the initial areas of EMIS, compliance, and federal programs management, our goal is to leverage our expertise, systems, and processes to support a broader group of schools in minimizing their operational burden so they can maximize focus on students, families, and staff.

Whether you are founding a new school, have staff who could use some training and technical assistance, or have an upcoming audit or capacity gap to fill, we offer a range of cost-effective resources, professional developments, and hands-on support options to meet your organization’s current needs and build your team’s capabilities and expertise so this work is sustainable now and into the future.

EMIS/State Reporting Services


We can support your SIS and ITC selection and help make sure you have a system set up to meet your needs.

Our team can handle all of your student and state reporting requirements, deliver training on strong data processes and procedures for your team, and provide internal reviews and cross-checks to make sure you are maximizing the funding you receive.

We can conduct a mock audit to make sure you’re prepared, or even serve as the audit point-of-contact with your Treasurer or ODE consultant.

Federal Programs Management


We provide an overview of programs + key roles, as well as an annual calendar of requirements and deliverables with associated examples and templates.

We provide a range of technical assistance options for Consolidated, ESSR, and Homeless grants as well as Ed Steps (with or without the Ohio Improvement Process). We can also help you prepare for desk reviews and on-site audits.

Our team is available to write competitive grant applications, provide support monitoring the implementation of grant activities, and even serve as an external evaluator when those are required.



We provide an annual calendar of sponsor, safety, and security, and state and federal compliance items, along with associated examples and templates.

Our team can provide a range of professional developments and virtual or on-site support services to your team to ensure the timely completion and submission of all compliance deliverables.

Partner with FusionEd Solutions to Streamline Your K-12 School Operations and Focus on What Matters Most: Your Students, Families, and Staff


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